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Rrraw : fine chocolate from Paris, healthy and ethic.

because you deserve the best chocolate... but producers need a fair retribution too!

Rrraw is a Cacao Factory established since 2008. It is the biggest independant raw cacao factory in France and one of the biggest in Europe. Its high-end cacao is famous for its quality but also for being healthy and ethic. It has no refined sugar and is bio. It is also Vegan chocolate.

a major Chocolate and Cacao producer
Rrraw produces only raw chocolate, directly from beans. The beans to bar process takes entirely place in our Paris laboratory and is visible for everyone who wants to visit.
bio, gluten-free and vegan
All our products are certified bio and gluten free, and all except one are vegan. Our truffles are made with oil, without any milk related products.
Fair Trade issues
the world of chocolate is by all means a world we love. But it has also to be much more respectful for producers. Many of them are working hard in bad work conditions and for low salaries. Rrraw has also a labelised implication in the fare trade process and all our products are certified.
Chocolate and deforestation
Rrraw gives 1% of its revenue to help reforestation, because we have to take care of our planet!
  • Shipping

    we can ship anywhere in the world. Outside of France, we ship mainly chocolate in the USA, in UK, in Italy, in Germany, and in the rest of Europe.

  • Customer Care

    we are at your service by email or by phone during office hours.

  • Secure Payment

    to buy chocolate, you can pay by card, paypal, checks... whatever works for you!